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Vezubuhle Events

Simplicity that speaks

We’d like to invite you to a very special event

Vezubuhle Events

is an events company whose personalised event management services give you exactly what you want – tailor-made occasions that bring your guests closer to you and help create relationships that last.

Whether it’s our
intimate private parties, clockwork-precise corporate functions,
fun-’n-feisty team building or high-brow gala events,

your guests stay later and leave with a lasting impression. That’s because we’re the event management company that builds strong bonds.

Vezubuhle Events works closely with you to make sure your functions are everything your attendees will be drawn to. In fact, engaging us for your event planning is the best way to connect with the people who are important to you.

Let’s get together and create a function that lasts – even after the venue has cleared.
You shouldn’t settle for an events company that offers anything less.

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No Limits to what we can do!

Our reach spans South Africa, we’re the event company that puts you in touch with your most successful event yet.
Any size or location, we’ll meet your requirements and expectations on time and in budget.



People are the center of events. So, once Vezubuhle Events has received your brief – or helped you create one – we’ll start the event planning process to decide how best to connect your attendees with your brand, organisation, products and colleagues. For private events, we consider how you’ll enchant your guests with ÿne taste, elegant hospitality and glittering entertainment. It’s your big idea so during event planning we think big to develop it.

We’ll provide you will a wealth of information and insight about your events, while allowing you to leverage Vezubuhle Events’ expertise in event planning, market research, consumer behaviour and brand strategy. Together, we’ll develop a unique vision that attracts your target audience – and blows away your competition.

We’ll also devise a smart campaign to build awareness about your events and encourage capacity-breaking turnouts.


With your master plan in place, we’ll kick off the creative process that turns an event planning blueprint into a work of art. Your Vezubuhle Events team will go to work designing the details that have to be perfect and perfectly coordinated.

Whether it’s event planning that protects your budget, graphic design and advertising that draws crowds, a website that attracts attendees, or venue and stage designs that have your guests enthralled, nothing is overlooked.

Get ready to launch.

Your events have never looked so good or been so thoroughly prepared.


On the day, you’ll watch your brainchild unfold °awlessly as your Vezubuhle Events team executes each step with skill and precision. Give yourself a round of applause for exceptional sound, visuals and °owing continuity. Watch us move with a purpose, tweak to perfection and handle issues invisibly as your guests rave about your event planning skills.

All that’s left for you to do is accept the accolades for one of your best events ever.